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First Look – Never Mind the Buzzcocks intros round

First Look – Never Mind the Buzzcocks

A clip has been released of the first look for the new Never Mind the Buzzcocks intro round. The clip shows team captain Daisy Map Cooper working with Anne Marie to re-create an intro for Little Mix member Jade Thirwall. Also in the clip we see Greg Davies as host, Noel Fielding as the other team captain along with guest Nish Kumar and regular guest Jamali Maddix.

Check out the clip above!


Never Mind the Buzzcocks is returning in September on Sky and streaming service NOW for a series of eight episodes.

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An Evening with Martin Mucklowe at The Trades Club

An Evening with Martin Mucklowe

An Evening with Martin Mucklowe at The Trades Club

An Evening with Martin Mucklowe at The Trades Club, live on stage in Hebden bridge on Sunday 27th March 2022 at 8PM. This is your chance to peep on the infamous peeper himself. Tickets are available through
Date: Sunday 27th March 2022
Doors: 7:30 PM
Start: 8:00 PM
Venue: Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

Paul Cooper plays the This Country villain

“The greatest creation is Kerry’s dad, Martin Mucklowe (Paul Cooper, really life father to Daisy May and Charlie).

He is sheer unadulterated evil. He is a completely amoral bastard of a man, a vain, scheming, fantasist criminal user. Plus he is a peeper.”
– The Independent.

Get your tickets now! Let us know in the comments if you’ll be attending

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New music video featuring Paul Cooper

Pain by Joe Gardiner


Pain – The Latest single from indie artist Joe Gardiner. Accompanying him in the music video is “This Country” star “Paul Cooper”. Both express and show the story of self consequence throughout the gripping new single. The music video also features The Vaults in Cirencester.


Directed by- George.RW

Video Produced by- Cxshh Films

Music produced by- Matt Thomas utm_medium=copy_link

Starring Paul Cooper

Streaming Platforms

Apple Music-…


Joe’s Social Media



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Charlie Cooper appearing in short film Snake Oil

Snake Oil – Synopsis

Snake Oil – “A wily street vendor flees London in search of the American dream promised by his late father, but he can’t find it anywhere. A whimsical no-dialogue adventure spanning 2 continents, greatly inspired by the films of Buster Keaton.”

Snake Oil title with awards


According to Paul Cooper on Facebook, the film was previewed at the Swindon Film Festival last week.

Charlie appears to be playing the role of Detective Greg Lestrade. A release date for the film is currently unknown, but the director Remy Archer responded to a comment on the trailer saying “…Snake Oil will be doing the festival circuit this year and so won’t be available online until after that has finished. But please stay tuned and follow this account or my instagram: @remy_archer for updates and to see our new releases, we have plenty more in the pipeline! Best, R”

Detective Greg Lestrade

This will be Charlie’s first feature since appearing in the 2019 film Greed and the TV drama A Confession. You can see the trailer for the film below.

Credits and Awards

Director: Remy Archer
Producer: Leila Jones, Edward Tull, Remy Archer, Tom Gaskin, Darin Basile
Writer: Tom Gaskin and Remy Archer
Cast: Tom Gaskin, Charlie Cooper, Daniel Gonçalves
Cinematographer: Remy Archer
Editor: Remy Archer

Best Short Film, Almeria Western Film Festival, Spain
Best Artistic Achievement, Yerevan International Short Film Festival, Armenia
Nominated for Grand Prix, Sibuya Tanpen Film Festival, Japan

Instagram: @remy_archer


Snake Oil Trailer from Remy Archer on Vimeo.

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Daisy May Cooper announced as team captain on Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

A new series of long-running music quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks has been being commissioned by Sky.

Hosted by Greg Davies, the show will return as a new 8 episode series, plus a one-off Christmas special. Talkback (a Fremantle label) who produced previous series’ will continue to produce the show. The show will be available on this autumn on Sky and streaming service NOW.

Daisy May Cooper will feature as a new team captain on the show. Noel Fielding will be reprising his role as the other team captain. Stand-up comic Jamali Maddix will also serve as a regular guest.

Daisy announced her role on the show via instagram writing “Guess who’s being team captain slagz… bring it on @noel_fielding.”


Airing between 1996 and 2015, Never Mind the Buzzcocks was first hosted by Mark Lamarr, then by Simon Amstell. A number of guest presenters played host in later shows, with Rhod Gilbert appearing in the final series. Previous team captains include Phill Jupitus, Sean Hughes and Bill Bailey.


The BBC had decided not to re-commission the show on 26 May 2015. This was to In order to ‘create space for new entertainment formats’,

After a call from fans however, Sky and NOW stepped up to get it back on air.

Director of Sky Arts and Entertainment for Sky, Phil Edgar-Jones said Never Mind The Buzzcocks is ‘one of those truly iconic shows’ and said the show’s return is ‘a buzz and a treat for lovers of tuneless humming everywhere.’

Kate Edmunds, Director of Programmes for Talkback, continued: ‘We’re over the moon that Sky has made the very wise decision to reboot our beloved Buzzcocks.

‘Musicians, stand down, we hear your deafening cries for some long-overdue attention.’


Never Mind The Buzzcocks will be returning in the autumn to Sky and NOW.

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Welcome to Flatch Trailer

Welcome to Flatch

The trailer for the American version of This Country called “Welcome to Flatch” dropped onto YouTube.

As described by TV Promos “Inspired by BBC Studios’ BAFTA-winning BBC format, “This Country,” WELCOME TO FLATCH (fka “This Country”) is a half-hour comedy written and executive-produced by Emmy Award winner Jenny Bicks (“Sex and the City,” “The Greatest Showman”) and directed and executive-produced by Emmy Award nominee Paul Feig (“The Office,” “Bridesmaids”). When a documentary crew sets out to explore the lives of residents in a small American town – their dreams, their concerns – they stumble upon the midwestern town of Flatch, which is made up of many eccentric personalities. It’s a place you want to visit and maybe even stay. If there was a decent motel. Which there is not. The series stars newcomers Chelsea Holmes and Sam Straley, Seann William Scott (“Lethal Weapon,” “American Pie” franchise), Aya Cash (“The Boys,” “You’re The Worst”), Taylor Ortega (“Succession”) and newcomers Krystal Smith and Justin Linville.”

Daisy May and Charlie will remain connected to the new series as executive producers.

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Don’t Laugh, It’ll Only Encourage Her – Pre-order Now!

Don’t Laugh, It’ll Only Encourage Her

Pre-order Don’t Laugh, It’ll Only Encourage Her, the funniest memoir of 2021, written by the most relatable woman in the world – Daisy May Cooper, creator and star of BBC’s award-winning comedy This Country

‘Thank goodness for gloriously silly Daisy May Cooper. Joyful, irreverent and totally uplifting’The Times

‘The lockdown comedy queen’ Guardian


Life hasn’t always been straightforward for Daisy May Cooper: growing up in rural poverty in Gloucestershire with her brother Chaz, she had to work a myriad of low-paid and unrewarding jobs just to make ends meet. Don’t Laugh, It’ll Only Encourage Her is the endearingly honest and hilarious memoir from the creator and star of award-winning BBC comedy This Country.

When things were really bad, Mum would always say to me:

‘Don’t worry, it will be a good read for your memoir one day.’

‘Mum, I auditioned to be a stripper by snogging a pole and was laughed off the stage by a bunch of topless dancers.’

‘Well that can go in the memoir.’

‘Mum, I spent all my student loan accidently on a penthouse suite in a fancy hotel in Marble Arch, now I face getting kicked out of drama school.’

‘That’s a good one for the memoir.’

‘Mum, sorry I’m late for dinner, I had to work late at my cleaning job because someone balanced a Quaver packet full of piss on the radiator in the boy’s toilets, and I didn’t realise until I picked it up, so I had to wash the piss off me in the sink while trying to learn my lines for that Call the Midwife audition I have in London tomorrow.’


I have lived the most humiliating, ridiculous, screw-up of a life but Mum was right, you’ve just got to remember, sometimes the worst experiences make the most entertaining stories.

About The Author

Daisy May Cooper is an award-winning comedy actress and writer. She won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Female Comedy Performance in 2018 for her role as Kerry Mucklowe in the BBC Three series This Country, a mockumentary-style show about the eccentricities of life in rural England, which she co-created and co-wrote with her brother, Charlie Cooper. This Country has also won multiple BAFTA awards.

She recently starred in Armando Iannucci’s The Personal History of David Copperfield, and has featured on TV shows including Avenue 5Doc Martin and The Wrong Mans.

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Memoirs of a ’90s Schoolboy – Out Now

Memoirs of a ’90s Schoolboy

An entertaining and irreverent read, Memoirs of a ’90s Schoolboy is a book that’ll bring you back in time to childhood and the ups and downs of primary school days. The ridiculous situations, elaborate observations, and honest brain farts of a child who thinks he’s got it sussed; will make you laugh out loud. Described by BAFTA award winning comedian, Daisy Cooper (the force behind BBC3’s ‘This Country’) as ‘the funniest thing she has ever read’. This book needs no further introduction, just get on and read it and see for yourself.

About the author

Michael Sleggs is probably best known for his portrayal of Slugs on the BBC BAFTA award winning TV comedy, This Country. However, those who knew him best, knew he was a born entertainer who was always able to see the funny side of things despite the many difficulties that life threw his way. Michael had numerous complex heart operations for his congenital heart defects. During these he also suffered two strokes. He subsequently spent a further six months at Great Ormond Street Hospital as an inpatient when he was diagnosed with a non-Hodgkins lymphoma during his GCSEs. Despite his poor health, Michael still lived a full and happy life – he went to amazing places, had fantastic friends and enjoyed a range of interesting jobs culminating in the ultimate honour – acting alongside friends in a hit TV comedy! A life complete, he courageously bowed out on 9th July 2019, aged 33 – the same age as his ultimate hero. This book was in the final stages of publication just as Michael died. Michael had become concerned that some of what he had written might unintentionally offend or hurt individuals. He realised that he wouldn’t be around to defend his book or to reassure those mentioned within that he cared for them more than the book might suggest. Therefore, one of his dying wishes was that we, as his family, would read through the book and remove or change anything we felt might cause offense. This has inevitably led to a delay in the publication, but we hope that you will feel it was worth it. We are now keen to publish this book in his memory – so that others can appreciate, as much as we have, his talent for entertaining and telling a tall tale. We miss him every day, and we are heartened that we are not alone in this. He touched the lives of so many people in his relatively short life and we hope that he can continue to do so with this book.

Memoirs of a ’90s Schoolboy by Michael Sleggs is published by Austin

Macauley Publishers and is available on and Amazon and all good booksellers.

For more information, please visit
Press contact: Marketing Department –
Phone: 0207 038 8212

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52 Million iPlayer Requests for This Country

Across the three series and the special, This Country has been requested over 52 million times on iPlayer making it one of the biggest BBC Three comedies since the channel went online in 2016.

BBC Three has a rich heritage in comedy and strong a track record of developing series and making them successful. Requests for This Country have grown significantly; the first episode of the third series had three times as many as the first ever episode across the same period (first seven full days on iPlayer).

At present, series one has over 23 million requests, series two nearly over 20 million and series three over 8 million, with over half the requests for series three amongst the 16-34 year old age group. Since series three launched on 17 Feb 2020, just over half of total requests have come from previous episodes of This Country which illustrates the value of long term availability for audiences of scripted content in iPlayer.

It has also performed incredibly well in a Monday night slot on BBC One with the series averaging 1.8 million and the last episode consolidating with 2.19 million viewers.

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This Is This Country

“Listen up chumps, basically the Vicar asked us to edit the parish newsletter this month, we weren’t gonna do it at first cos the vicar said ‘I want you to channel your energy into doing something creative’, which he knows brings back Kurtan’s PTSD cos our old woodwork teacher Mr Perkins used to say it to him all the time, and when Kurtan actually DID channel his energy into something creative he managed to sand down some MDF to make a back scratcher and Darren Lacey pointed at it and laughed and called it an ‘abomination to woodwork’, which made Kurtan throw a chair across the room in rage and one of the chair legs hit Rob Robinson and left a dent in his forehead.

So we decided to write this newsletter cos people need to the know the REAL s*** that goes down in our village, it ain’t just fetes and duck races you know – it’s proper f***** up.

All the best,

Kerry and Kurtan

p.s. Kurtan wants to make it clear that although this newsletter is in book format it does not make him any of the following:

Book Worm
Book bummer
Nerd alert
The lion, the witch and the book worm

p.p.s If you don’t buy this newsletter that’s fine, but we are getting a percent of the profits to donate to the Kerry Mucklowe eating fund, so if you don’t buy it I’ll basically starve. Which is fine if your conscience can deal with that utter headf***.”

This Is This Country. Available now!